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How Community Banks Can Drive New Business With Loan Campaigns

In this free eBook, you'll discover insider tips to create
amazingly successful loan marketing campaigns.

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Learn to measure campaign’s ROI

Discover why analytics matter, which to measure, and how to evaluate your campaign’s return on investment.

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Gain content tips for your loan campaign

Find out how to create content your members and prospects want, develop a pay-per-click campaign, and optimize your pages for SEO.

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Get guidelines to design campaigns for current and prospective customers

Learn how to use customer data to anticipate needs, and to create buyer personas to target prospects.


Big banks and online lenders are pushing hard into the loan market, eating into the market share of community banks. It can be really hard to stand out, particularly since the encroachers’ marketing budgets can be gigantic.


But you can cut through the noise and drive new business through loan campaigns – and you needn’t spend a fortune to do so.


This eBook lays out how you can shake things up, get ahead, and drive new business by adding a digital approach to marketing your loan offerings.



“It's been refreshing working with a collaborative agency team that understand our market area, including the Latino community. Together, we've launched fun, relevant campaigns that capture our members' attention and business.”
Michael Duffy, President & CEO, Financial Center Credit Union

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How Community Banks Can Drive
New Business With Loan Campaigns

Yes! I want ideas to help me create incredible loan
marketing campaigns and grow our loans-to-deposit ratio.